Toronto’s Eco-Roof Incentive Grant Program

Encouraging Eco-Toronto

Overwhelming evidence of climate change consequences calls for immediate action. Green infrastructure is an excellent strategy to tackle climate change issues, especially in urban settings. Green roofs attempt to counter the damage inflicted by urban development. Returning vegetation to concrete jungles challenges several climate change concerns, including the urban heat island effect. All in all, green roofs prove to be an innovative design feature achieving new levels of aesthetics.

The repercussions of climate change continue to escalate without effective action. Thus, Toronto bylaw implemented certain projects required green roofs. While some clients rejected the idea, the city council established the Eco-Roof Incentive Program, in regards to their Climate Change Action Plan. Their objective is to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050.
The Eco-Roof Incentive Program collects fines from those disobeying demands to install eco-roofs and places them into a fund. The money is then available as grants for eligible green roof and cool roof projects, making this completely voluntary program a greater incentive to pursue eco-roofs.

Recent opportunities have opened up the availability of grants toward residential applications.
Toronto’s efforts to acknowledge the relevance of climate change is significant, especially with the rising climate change conditions. Enforcing installation of eco-roofs is an influential mitigation effort however, whether it be its expense or design feature, select clients may not be keen on its inclusion. Therefore, the incentive program is an ingenious idea because it allows the government to redirect the fines towards these initiatives and it helps make eco-roofs more attainable–a win-win situation.
Hopefully, an increasing number of applicants and thus, eco-roofs will confirm the effectiveness of the program. Additionally, if it gains successful awareness outside Toronto perhaps climate change issues can be addressed more consciously.
Awareness on the seriousness of climate change is essential however, effective and efficient methods to mitigate these concerns is most imperative. Toronto’s efforts appear promising. The presence of the Eco-Roof Incentive Program is an encouraging step toward an Eco-Toronto.


For more insight on Toronto’s Eco-Roof Incentive check out: http://www1.toronto.ca/wps/portal/contentonly?vgnextoid=3a0b506ec20f7410VgnVCM10000071d60f89RCRD