skyspace green roofs at work

Green roofs bring innumerable benefits to the buildings they grace in making full use of what would otherwise be wasted space and the intelligence of plant life combined to filter water and treat air. No two roof gardens are the same! Some of the functions they serve include:

  1. Absorption of rainwater or reduction in storm water runoff by diverting water from water ways;
  2. Insulation or energy-saving: reduction in heating & cooling costs;
  3. A habitat for wildlife who might otherwise be without in an urban environment;
  4. Contributing to the mitigation of heat island effect;
  5. Increase in property value and the lifespan of your roof through sun damage protection;
  6. Urban farming: grow your own food or plants to be more self sufficient;
  7. Some studies have shown that a green roof can offer protection for up to 70 years.