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Welcome to SKYSPACE Green Roofs

SKYSPACE Green Roofs is a full-service architectural studio specializing in the creation of living roofs for the environmentally conscious home or building owner. Our office is located in Toronto, Canada and we service all of Southern Ontario.

For those who delight in nature’s beauty, our boutique offers roof-top oases and green roof systems of all kinds and sizes, and our eclectic group of landscape architects, engineers and green roof technicians oversee everything from conception and design to installation and maintenance. At SKYSPACE Green Roofs, we believe the roof is the new back yard!

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What We Do

green roof design

Every great project should begin with a clear plan and your green roof should be no different. A thorough green roof design is imperative to your project’s success and will help facilitate a smooth transition into the construction stage. Read more…

green roof construction

The green roof construction phase should always be done by a professional or a company that has experience with green roofs. We are green roof construction specialists and take pride in building long lasting, sustainable and safe green roofs for our clients. Read more…

green roof maintenance

Maintenance is an integral part in promoting overall good health and vibrancy for your green roof. Green roofs typically do not require a lot of maintenance once established. You do however need to ensure that weeds are removed periodically and that there is enough water during drought periods. Read more…


  • Energy Savings
  • Property Value
  • Protection
  • Water Diversion

Insulation or energy-saving: reduction in heating & cooling costs.

Increase in property value and the lifespan of your roof through sun damage protection.

Some studies have shown that a green roof can offer protection for up to 70 years.

Absorption of rainwater or reduction in storm water runoff by diverting water from water ways.

What is a Green Roof?

Also known as a living roof, a live roof or an eco roof, a green roof is an integrated, vegetated living system on top of a roof structure of a building designed to mimic ground gardens for all their benefits.

It is constructed of several physical layers, among them a waterproofing membrane. Other layers can include a protective root barrier, followed by a drainage board, a filter fabric, soil and various plantings via seeding, plant plugs or sedum mats.

The term green roof may also be used to indicate roofs that use some form of green technology, such as a cool roof, a roof with solar thermal collectors or photovoltaic panels.

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